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Mike Buble & Cardinal Hats?

I'm not proud I was on TMZ. But If I want to be relevant around the water cooler, then I have to bone up on the news people care about.

We love celebs in Cardinal hats @ Cards Diaspora (LINK HERE) and we love Mike Buble (LINK HERE) so when it all comes together in a TMZ post…. BOOYA!

Ok, Mike isn't in the Cards hat, per se. But he's in a pic next to one. 

Props to that TMZ cameraman who was rocking the Sunday best whilst he was out hunting down celebrities. If he ever wants to slip the site some of the stuff that doesn't make the cut at the mothership (i.e.. anything involving Vince Coleman), feel free to send it over.

And if you want to watch/read the whole story: LINK HERE

I think it's about Adam Sandler or something. We just cared about the cap.