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Mike Matheny Currently Ranks Last In MLB For Replay Challenges

There are a whole generation of baseball fans being born now that are never going to experience these:

The replay system in baseball is here to stay. And if we’re being really honest, it’s for the best. Not only for the teams and fans, but for those poor manager’s blood pressure. So much stack to blow!

Through the All-Star break, managers had challenged 606 calls and had 318 calls overturned. That’s a 52% hit rate. Considering that almost all managers stall the umps and wait for video confirmation before making a challenge, that’s a pretty astounding rate for the umps.

They must not be as blind as we thought.

The average delay this has cause a game is around 1:50. Or about the time Skip Shumaker takes to get ready for a pitch. So all in all, it’s not adding too much time to the game and making sure calls are correct. A big win for MLB!

You know, unless you’re a Cardinals fan.

Because Mike Matheny is the worst ‘challenger’ in the game. He’s challenged 14 calls and only managed to win 2. His 14% success rate ranks 30th in MLB. And the Cardinals haven’t won a challenge he’s initiated since May 21st, losing the last 9 in a row.

Granted, it’s a small portion of the managerial game responsibilities . But as the season wears on and these challenges become way more important, this could end up being a statistically anomaly that will correct itself or a harbinger of bad choices to come.

We’ll see…

Photo: Fox News