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Mike Matheny Foreclosure Update, Free Tix & More

What’s better than doing work? NOT doing work.

We tickled your curious bone with the story on Monday that former beloved Cardinals Catcher Mike Matheny was in deep shit with the bank and that his manse here in the STL was being auctioned by the bank. I called on our friends at Punching Kitty to get more details about the situation and where we stand now with the whole bloody ordeal.

Friends… They didn’t unearth good news.

Also, since the Cardinals decided to win games at the most opportune time for us, the fans, the STL Cardinals are giving away 8K tickets via their website @ 10a CST today. Click on the link below and see if you can’t score a couple of free seats.

Be warned that everyone and their mother will be on the Cardinals site at 10a, so expect this to be a bigger clusterfuck than Mike Matheny’s real estate ventures.

The boss over at SB Nation is taking some time away from the office this week, so he’s cracking the whip and demanding two articles from us on the Rams. So that means you get the pleasure of watching me tear the heart out of the marketing department of the Rams today.

I think anyone that’s been to a Rams game in the past 10 years will appreciate the list I’ve put together. Like it if you want, re-tweet if you would.


Rootbeer returned to the scene of the crime (sorta) and got dealt what the Mets hoped for back in 2006. It was a poor pitching performance, yes. But even the best have an off night.

More troublesome was, again, the silence of the bats. The Cardinals had a chance for a big first inning and only managed 1 run. Then… NOTHING.

We’ve got a tie for first place in the NL Central and it’s July 28. Expect a Cardinal Confidence Meter to be up and running soon.