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Missed You Houston

Anyone else keep waiting on the Pitcher to bat?

Man, we've missed the Astros, right? I mean this team is just brutal. They mean well, sure. But brutal nonetheless. I get what they're trying to do as an organization – and Jeff Lunhow the GM does have a pretty OK record on these matters – yet for the second straight year this team has ZERO chance.

I do have to hand it to the people that are actually going to games. When you watch the game tonight, just think about the fact that some of these people are actually season ticket holders!

Season ticket holders!

Here's a idea for Jim Haynes – find one and ask them why. And when they tell you a bunch of non-answers about how 'the team is rebuilding', really press them on why. Oil money that has to be spent? A tax loophole? 

All we know for sure is that the Cardinals should sweep this series. And if they don't, then that's a game pissed away that we'll point to in September if the NL Central race is close and say WHY? HOW?

Good luck Jeff. At least in St. Louis you didn't have to replace every single player at once.