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Mitchell Boggs Is Mike Matheny’s Crack

Technology just makes life so much better.

You can wax poetic about the old days when "conversation was done face to face" or how "you could have an argument without going to Google"… but times like last night, when my weather app saved me from getting drenched? Forget your 'eye to eye contact'.

Did I mention I was leaving Busch stadium in the bottom of the 8th inning? You know, about the time when Mike Matheny was calling in Mitchell Boggs to save a 2-1 game?

Apps can only do so much. 

America is a place of much division in 2013. It's virtually impossible for everyone to agree on something. But I am sure that if you saw Mitchell Boggs in a Saved By The Bell-esque 'time out' and put up a poll before he threw a pitch and asked Cardinals fans if they thought this was a good idea, 100% would respond NO.

2 pitches later, the game was tied. And 'Boggs' was trending on Twitter. If you're not on Twitter, just know that when you're a reliever and you're trending… it's not a good thing. 

I've moved beyond angry to confused. Matheny knows that in a season of many, many pleasures, almost all of the angst we have as sports fans was directed at Mitchell Boggs. 

Bernie Miklasz sent out Boggs' numbers in 'Close & Late' situations in 2013: 13 for 25 | 11 walks | 1 HBP | 3 doubles | 3 HRs | 12 RBIs. 

A) That's an amazing amount of work for someone to get  close & late for a winning baseball team.

B) That's an amazing amount of work for someone to get when pictures like this show up in my Inbox of the same guy:

Thanks to Bo S. of Denver for that MS Paint work, BTW.

I know that many of you are choosing to look at a brilliant Mike Wacha start and use that as your takeaway. Or the fact that the Cardinals took 3 out of 4 for the series. Or look at the records and see the Cardinals will still the best one in all of baseball.

Got it. Respect that.

Mitchell Boggs will be replaced on the roster soon. If not ASAP, then after the next outing like Thursday nights. But that's not really what I'm worried about.

I worried about Mike Matheny. 

Because that move last night was one of worst managerial moves I've seen a Cardinals skip make. I'd love for anyone to point out otherwise so I can feel better about what just happened.

Think about it. Boggs gets the save, we're all sitting here right now going 'wow, that was pretty stupid, but he got lucky.' OR we're all sitting here after a blown save going CRAZY. What was the upshot on making this call?

Serioulsy, what?

Just like Tyrone couldn't quit the crack on Chapelle Show, somebody needs to shut down Matheny's 450,000 dollar Boggs party.