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MLB Power Rankings: Opening Week

For whatever reason, the boys over @ Bloguin asked this silly little site to participate in their weekly MLB Power Rankings.

Basically it’s an opportunity to make pithy comments and randomly put numbers next to the Royals and Pirates to see who the majority thinks sucks more. Each week HMW (Consider this the first you’ve heard of this. I’m too lazy to e-mail or Tweet) or I will be filling out this form and posting a link here when they publish it.

Some people enjoy the hell out of these things. Other people think it’s fabricated garbage. We get it.

But if you want to take a peek:

MLB Power Rankings Week 1

Hell, I think they’re even trying to find a sponsor for this thing. And you wonder how these guys get on these ‘power poll’ thing-y’s? Babble long enough and someone will give you a shot.

Also, I think I’m starting to like Dancing with the Stars. Dammit.