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Molina Back Tuesday? Could Be Yadier Mind.

Mike Matheny dropped a nuclear bombshell post Saturday's win against the Marlins: Yadier Molina was sent away for an MRI on his right knee.


He's only the top vote getter in the NL for the 2013 All-Star Game, leading the NL in batting average, the best defensive player on the team and probably all of baseball… NO BIGGIE.

Then yesterday came news that the knee was structurally sound and after an off-day for the team today, Mr. Everything would be back in the Cardinals line-up on Tuesday.


But then the Post-Dispatch's Joe Strauss went on Twitter and reminded us about some old friends. Furcal, Mulder and Motte. But not until Ben DeClue (@BenDeClue) chimed in with a Brad Penny quip did I start to get nervous all over again.


Just why are we to believe that something that required an MRI on Saturday would be good to go on Tuesday? Seems a bit optimistic, no? Especially for the one guy on the field that spends close to 3 hours a night putting stress on his knees by squatting.

Mr. Molina wants to play. I have no doubt that whatever pain he's feeling today, he's going to believe that it will be gone by tomorrow and he'll be in the line-up. 

But it's the Cardinals job to make sure that the team isn't sacrificing short term gain for long-term damage. And with the record of diagnosing properly the extent of Cardinals injuries, should we be a bit anxious?

Until we see Mr. Molina behind the plate for a few days in a row, concern will abound. Unless the Cyclobenzaprine salesman made a special delivery. 

Let's hope this is the one the Cardinals finally got right; we should know around 7:00 tomorrow night.