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Nice Of The Cardinals To Show Up

Ever go to a grocery store or gas station and some kid is just screaming bloody murder when some beast of a woman comes out of nowhere, jerks the kids arm up and just starts wailing on this poor kid like he’s Glass Joe?

You just kind of stand there somewhere between disgust and he kind of deserved it… then walk away, right?

Well this weekend was kind of like that. With tighter pants and more dip.

The Cardinals bent over and got spanked by a very average Toronto Blue Jay team this weekend. Losing all three games and not looking all that competitive in any of them. There was plenty of tears and screaming (Holliday ejection, LaRussa arguing 4 different calls), but ultimately the Cardinals looked like a team that was on a crash course with .500.

And while it’s easy to blame it on the injuries, I’m not sure if you take a team that has Holliday, Molina, Rasmus, Carpenter and Garcia and put them in, oh, say Toronto, you wouldn’t have that fan base at least intrigued by what these guys could do.

In St. Louis, however, they apparently like to get mauled. In fact, at one point Sunday, Gen. Stanley McChrystal called over to Busch Stadium to see if Bill DeWitt needed ‘a surge’. Thankfully, he declined. Those Marines… always looking out for the less fortunate.

The big takeaway from the weekend is simple – play with this amount of heart and the Cardinals will be .500 at the end of the year and no where near a playoff spot. Play with more urgency and they’re probably going to at least be in the hunt.

What we saw Friday, Saturday and Sunday was a team at a crossroads. Don Tony better get the boys to re-think the path they’re headed down.

We saw how this played out in 2010.