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NLCS Game 1: Giant Win (See What We Did There?)

There's a shot lady at the STL bar Double Ds that is blind.  

Many weekends, it's hard to walk in that place, even sober, without banging into someone. But still, it's your natural reaction to bow up when someone gets in your space.10x moreso when it's a bar.
Anyway, this shot lady is blind. And pretty much nightly, some glory boy says something rude to her after she bumps into him. She apologizes, explains that she's blind and all his buddies make fun of him for being such an a-hole. 
It's clockwork.
(BTW, who else misses the old DDs location in Brentwood? New place, meh.)
Twitter was abuzz with jokes about the 6-0 lead the Cardinals built in Game 1 of the NLCS. Variations were bountiful and the underlying tone was trite. The Cardinals can overcome any deficit, however, this game was over.
The Giants begged to differ and ran starter Lance Lynn after 3 2/3 innings and 4 ER. Suddenly Twitter was now a real-life snapshot of regret, as 5 innings to get 3 runs at home wasn't such a tall order.
Turns out the Cardinals are more resilient that ever and the bullpen absolutely crushed another outing, ending the game with that 6-4 mark frozen in time. Point is, as soon as an inning finished 6-0, we knew people would be talking about it. We also knew that would be a terrible idea. Just like that shot lady in DDs, it doesn't pay to pop off at the mouth until you know the whole story.
The Cardinals are riding high tonight. But they're also playing a team that was down 2-0 heading back to Cincinnati and ended up not losing a game on the road. 
Let's all enjoy tonight. Get our batteries charged and go try to get another one tomorrow night. 
And while we're at it, save the bluster for Thursday night. Because we'd never do anything presumtious on this site.