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NLCS Game 2: Boondoggle By The Bay

Come on. 

You didn't think the Cardinals were just going win four straight and give you a few extra days off this extended summer, did you?
The 2012 Cardinals do things the hard way. Sometimes the very hard way.
It's hard to win a baseball game without scoring a run. But it's almost as hard when your starting pitcher is also the only person to drive in a run. So the fact that the Cardinals got pancaked in NLCS Game 2 shouldn't come as a surprise. And neither should the lack of offense. Give the Cardinals enough time and they'll find a way to lay an egg.
Again, it was the 3 & 2/3 mark of the game that provided the Giants with four runs. This time, Carpenter survived the inning, but no more. Didn't matter a lick, though. Because it was one of those nights where the best offense in the NL was in hibernation. We've seen it before. We'll probably see it again. 
By the time the Cardinals take the field on October 17th, it will have been 9 days and 5 games on the road. Both numbers never equaled in playoff history. They come back to St. Louis with a split series and the ability to win the series at Busch Stadium.
They won't. 
Not that I don't want them to. But they won't. Again, this team had the rotation, somehow, set up perfectly after escaping a Game 1 start from Lance Lynn. Is there anyone else you'd want on the road in the playoffs than Chris Carpenter? And come Wednesday, Kyle Lohse will take the rock for Game 3.
It was too good to be true and once again we're thrust into limbo. A split in SF is what we wanted… yet, it felt like they could have done more.
Buckle up kids, this series is going to be dramatic. It's going to be draining. And by the time it's all over, we'll wonder what the hell just happened.