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NLCS GM4: ‘He Did What?’

Shane Robinson did what? 

Seriously, though. What happened? He did not hit a home run. I looked up Dodger Stadium and it's the 15th hardest park factor in 2013. Next thing you're going to tell me Cal Ripken's mom got held up by gunpoint again

WHAT? What is going on?

The Cardinals shit the bed in GM3 of the NLCS last night. But tonight? Behind the cool and collected Lance Lynn (again, WHAT?), they hit 2 home runs and beat the Dodgers 4-2.

Let's go to the Top 5 WHAT moments from the game:

5) Nick Punto got picked off at second base. You see this a couple times a year in the majors, maybe? I can't recall a straight pickoff of a runner at second this year for the Cardinals. Might of happened, but still… it's rare. There Punto is, though, with his team down two. Getting cleaned off the bases.

4) Kozma's defense. Play after play. Staring double plays. Making tough hops look easy. Taking the pickoff. For once, I'm willing to accept the 'at least he isn't letting 'it' (his offense) effect his defense' argument. 

At least for one night.

3) Lance Lynn. Dude was getting about 1000 Tweets per minute calling for his head from the 3rd inning on. But somehow managed to have the best postseason outing of his career and go 5 1/3 and give up 2. You'll take that ALL DAY from your 4th starter on the road in the NLCS. 

Especially if his name is Lance Lynn.

2) The aforementioned Shane Robinson (barely) going yard. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, this is Robinson's 28th career home run… AT ANY LEVEL OF PRO BASEBALL!

1) And no, we're not going to go the whole post and not mention the play that might have just won the NLCS for the Cardinals. This. Was. Huge: