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This was on my Facebook page this afternoon. I've covered last names.

It's not complicated. 

Losers lose. Winners win. The Nationals haven't been to the playoffs since before both World Wars. The Cardinals won the World Series last year. The Nationals started a guy the Cardinals let walk in free agency. The Cardinals started a guy who let a rib walk away this summer, but somehow is now pitching in the postseason. 

For the second straight game, the Cardinals absolutely DEMOLISHED the best team in the NL regular season. And after a heavy pitch count in the first two innings, Chris Carpenter gutted out 5 2/3 innings giving up 0 runs. It wasn't dramatic. It wasn't exciting. It was a methodical takedown. 
It was a thing of beauty.
Pete Kozma with a 3 run home run? The fuck! David Freese heating up? Of course! It took 165 games to get there, but the Cardinals played their absolute best 9 innings of the 2012 season in the most important game yet. 
The Nationals are shellshocked. Their dreams are about to be extinguished tomorrow. Meanwhile the Reds are in a do or die with the Giants. 
Sleep well Cardinal Nation. Today, today was a good day.
3 of 12 in 12.