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NLDS GM4: ‘Adam Baseball’

We can't say it better than you said it, Chris…


493 days ago, Mike Wacha was pitching his last ever game at Texas A&M University (Adam Baseball?) and now he's the Cardinals newest shiny bauble. 

There's literally no way to quantify the amount of work that was being done around 4:15p when word of his potential no-hitter was spreading through text/social media/etc, but if I had to guess? Zero.

No work. 

Wacha was quickly pulled after a HR and walk in the bottom of the 8th before CMart and Trevor came into to seal the win. Reasonably, I don't think you could have thought this could go any better. 

ESPN and the Elias Sports Bureau report that this is the first time that 3 pitchers under the age of 23 have pitched in the same playoff game ever. 

Oh, and Matt Holliday? #Clutch. 

We'll have all day to nash teeth about GM5 all day Tuesday, but for tonight, it's a celebration of the past, the present… and damn it, if this team doesn't have a future.