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Nope: Still Not Over It


Not much better today. Not much better at all. Thanks for asking. 

All the car flipping. The late night batting practice. It all stings.

Hell, I even had a pretend argument with myself during a long drive where I imagined that the 2014 Cardinals beat Boston in the World Series, but all the Red Sox fans were still saying TWO to ONE! And I was all like, NO it's THREE to TWO! But they were all forties and sixties don't count, dude.


I get it. It's been 2 years since a World Series. And about 2 minutes since an NL pennant. Go take your binky and shove it where the sun don't shine, baby, says pretty much every other team in baseball. 

Just can't help but think about how the Cardinals were THIIIIIIIIS close to being the first post-steroid dynasty. A three-peater in a sport that hasn't seen that for decades. But now, that 3 titles in 10 years the Red Sox have posted becomes the standard.

At this point you should know that there is no point to this post. 

They'll be a rally some point. For now, though, it's still 140+ days away from meaningful baseball. And we're still wondering just what happened. How a 2-1 lead with the next two games at home get away from a team. How back to back aces bust out. How everyone can slump at exactly the same moment.

How the Cardinals can lose the past two seasons two series that they should have won. 

We'll be OK soon. But not today. Nope.