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Notes On A Bachelorette Finale

You may have noticed that we stopped the Bachelorette Live Blog after only a couple weeks into this season.

Actually, you probably didn’t. But still.

We weren’t the first to do a Bach Live Blog. Won’t be the last. It was a stunt that had run its course for the site, though. So we bid adieu to the concept and moved on to more serious fare, al la is Fredbird sleeping with the Blue Jays mascot.

Doesn’t mean we stopped watching. So we might as well make some notes on the finale, right?

In no particular order…

+ Announcing at the top of the show that one of the dudes tried to track Andi down at 2 separate locations after filming wrapped puts a whole new sheen on patina on this oxidized franchise, no? (Then again, when we saw these ‘attempts’ by Nick they seemed pretty normal, right? Or am I crazy?)

+ Most convenient rainstorm of all time after Nick got sent home. We knew the producers were diabolical, but cloud seeding to get the perfect shot? Next level.

+ Credit ‘The Right Reasons‘ podcast for doing the math here – but are we all aware that Josh left pro baseball (as been referenced at least 1,000 times over the season) to go back to college and play football with his little brother while he was 25-26. That is a committed sibling.


+ Everything above this was written before Nick went “below the belt”.

1) So Nick came out on ‘After The Final Rose’ and was the most beaten man you’ve ever seen in your life. In fact, it was uncomfortable to watch.

2) Then Andi came out and was a pretty clinical explaining that she had a better relationship with Josh and never was in love with Nick.

3) Then, the singularly most passive aggressive shot TV has ever had fired, Nick wonders out loud why Andi and he “made love” when she wasn’t “in love”.


5) Maybe you don’t watch this show (side note – weird), but that’s the nuclear option. Things are implied, but it’s never said. And when you know that this girls fiancee is backstage? I mean, scorched earth guys. Scorched earth.

6) Take it away, Twitter:

7) I thought Nick might have a shot at being the next Bachelor. But now he’ll go down as one of the more controversial contestants ever. Zero chance.

8) I’m going to stop here. I can’t believe that just happened. We need to keep cameras rolling when everyone clears the stage. I have full confidence the producers know this.


9) I swear I was done. Then Josh makes a sex joke? Andi is not having a good night. At all.

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