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Now We Know Why We Need The Minor Leagues

Class, today we learned a lesson.

Maybe you’re not in St. Louis and your locale has a minor league or independent baseball team. Maybe you’ve been glued to ESPN and their coverage of the College World Series.

Maybe you’re just a hater.

But some small part of you might see a player and think “he looks like he could do this in the bigs”.

Marco Gonzales looks like a MLB pitcher, at least he did for about 3 innings on Wednesday. Heck, he even had a little poke to left center that he hustled into a double. Bonus!

Then reality set in.

He worked the 4th and 5th surrendering 5 earned runs on 7 hits and 2 walks. Once the Rockies got a chance to see him once, they were all over him. And it showed us (emphatically) why a player can look like a MLB player, but not BE an MLB player.

Gonzales did his part. He kept the Cardinals in the game in the worst pitchers ballpark in the sport. The team was able to grind out a 3 1/2 hour long 9-6 win and take a series on the road. He’ll hopefully make it back up to the show sooner than later.

For now, though, we got a glimpse at why the minor leagues aren’t as easy to advance through as we’d all like prospects to.

Photo: Sport-Kings