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NY Times Profiles Yadier Molina

The name of the piece is “From Behind the Plate, a Dutiful Master Orchestrates The Cardinals”.

At this point, you can pretty much rest assured that this isn’t your typical Cardinals media fare. You’d be right, because yesterday the NY Times’ Tyler Kepner profiles Yadier Molina and got some interesting information:

  • Brian McCann, a 7-time All-Star studies what Molina does to make himself better.
  • Shelby Miller believes in Molina so much that he feels less pressure in the Major Leagues than any other time playing professional baseball.
  • No one other than Molina knows why he makes the pitch selections he does. Some pitchers don’t shake off his calls, ever.
  • He could have been a better offensive player when he was starting out as a Cardinal, but didn’t care to work on his offense, because he cared too much about the defense.
  • During Spring Training, he arrives at 6a to practice blocking drills so pitchers will feel comfortable throwing breaking balls with a runner on 3rd base.
  • Some pitchers on the staff don’t need signs, they communicate through shrugs and looks.

The whole piece makes you appreciate Molina and what he brings to the Cardinals day in and day out. Now the rest of the country is starting to appreciate his greatness.

Photo: All Out Sports Network