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Odds Cardinals Players Return To ASG Again

Edward Mujica? Matt Carpenter?

Did that really happen? 

If you would have predicted that either of these fine gentleman would have been in NYC for the 2013 All-Star game, it would have included the caveat that they'd be in the stands as guests of Matt Holliday or Adam Wainwright. 

But there they were. All-Stars. And it's something that can never be taken away from them.

Salt shaker holstered. 

Now that it's all over, though, will they ever get back? Will any of the Cardinals 6 All-Stars get back? We don't know for sure, but we're more than willing to set some fake odds on the chances…

These odds are based on: 'Will this player get to another ASG in their career with the STL Cardinals?'

Adam Wainwright (1 to 5) – I'm trying to think of a way that Adam Wainwright does NOT make another ASG. Even with the worst possible injury, he's still young enough, under contract for multiple years and carrying enough 'name' that he's going to be back. As much of a lock as their can be.

Carlos Beltran (15 to 1) – The hardest line to set. If he leaves the Cardinals in free agency this off-season, well, these odds shoot off the board. If he stays, we'd move this down to 5 to 1? 4 to 1? He's playing as well as he has in the past 6 years on a team that knows how to protect him. 

Edward Mujica (600 to 1) – Closers come and go. Edward will go… back to middle relief when Jason Motte returns in 2014 if he stays with the Cardinals. But if stays the closer the back-half of the year, another team will overpay him in the off-season to be the closer. But it probably won't be an elite team like the Cardinals. Can't see a scenario where he's a safe bet, unless Motte gets re-injured or really sucks the first month of 2014 and fans start rallying for Mujica who then goes on a tear for two months… you know what? No. Just no. 

Allen Craig (2 to 1) – An RBI machine with a knack for hitting better when runners are in scoring position. Under contract for multiple years. The only reason this isn't even money is because there are more 'stars' on the Cardinals and in MLB and Craig isn't one of them. In other words, he's the guy you need to win… but he's not the guy that's going to be selling tickets and t-shirts.

Matt Carpenter (25 to 1) – Cardinals will keep Carpenter no matter what, but they're going to have to give Kolten Wong a shot at 2B and move Carpenter to 3B or RF or super-utility where he still plays 5-6 times per week, just not all of the games at 2nd. As talented as he is, 2B is the easiest spot to make the ASG. When he moves, it's going to get way tougher to make the game. Wouldn't count him out… but it's not a smart bet.

Yadier Molina (1 to 25) – He'll be back. And I don't want to know why not if not. The new 'as much of a lock as their can be',

As a special bonus, let's set Matt Holliday at 6 to 1. And David Freese at 18 to 1. Not ASG players in 2013, but guys that hope to be on the team in 2014.