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On The Eighth Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

It's a Cards Diaspora holiday tradition: the 12 Days of Cardinals Crapmas, where we find the worst items that someone might be tempted to gift. All previous days are linked at the bottom of this post. 


If we're being real here, the low hanging fruit of Cardinals Crapmas is the ornament.

Everyone has a different taste for their tree and who are we to sit here and judge what looks good or bad inside their house. (Side: How many houses do you go into and wonder 'WHAT is going on here'?)

But we featured one on Day 6 because, well, someone mistook a snowman for Yadier Molina. The one today? It's just bad.

I mean, no effort. 

LESS than no effort. they melted down some plastic seats and stamped it with the lamest logo ever. We'll put aside the fact that you're putting something that people farted on for 40 years in your house willingly and just concentrate on the design aspect of this particular piece.

It's really a disaster. End scene. 

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