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On The Fifth Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

It's a Cards Diaspora holiday tradition: the 12 Days of Cardinals Crapmas, where we find the worst items that someone might be tempted to gift. All previous days are linked at the bottom of this post. 


So I did a little research on Garden Gnomes. 

And it turns out that the little guys are pretty controversial. In fact at the very prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in England, they are banned (except this year, the 100th anniversary of Gnomes). 


Well, if you asked the people that are Gnome enthusiasts, it's "snobbery". Because working class and suburban gardens are where most Gnomes are found, some think that the 1% see Gnomes as beneath their delicate sensibilities.

So FIGHT THE MAN, Cardinal fans. Rise up and show those 1% who's the boss. 

But do so with an officially licensed Gnome, that way Mark Ellis doesn't have to eat ramen noodles every night. 

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