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On The First Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

Way, way back in the day, old friend @shaw0n came up with a brilliant idea… Cardinals Crapmas.

12 days celebrating the best (and by best, we mean worst) of licensed St. Louis Cardinals products that are produced for you – the big sucker – to spend money on.

The rules are simple…

1) It has to have the St. Louis Cardinals logo.

2) It has to be something that makes you raise your eyebrow if you got it in your stocking.

Other than that, it's open season. Anything goes. And as we've proved in the past, we'll have enough items to fill up the next 12 days. But if you have something particularly interesting, please forward it along.


St. Louis Cardinals Sandwich Bags (50 pack)

Whatever you do… don't use the Ziplock trademark! Press to close? You win the day Mr. or Mrs. Copywriter. 

And no, I don't have kids. And yes, I bet yours would love to open up their lunch and see a Cardinals sandwich baggie. But the Cardinals Crapmas is a celebration of the lengths professional sports will go to make a buck. Not even your children's apple slices or PB&J are safe. 

Day 2 tomorrow.