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On The Twelfth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

Allow me to do my Andy Rooney impersonation…ahem…

Didja ever wonder what it would have looked like if Rob Deer played for the Cardinals?

“YES! CONSTANTLY!” you say. Now here’s our answer

Jesus, that IS Rob Deer, dressed up like a Cardinal. He cracked many fastballs in his days, so I guess reducing him to little nutcracker form kinda makes sense.

I don’t get the Beckett Nutcracker Monthly, but $60 seems like a lot for a flippin’ nutcracker. Although if you buy it and write DEER on the back, it would make for a good wiffleball home run derby or backyard horseshoes championship trophy (assuming you also replace the baseball with a mini can of Busch).

That’ll do for this year’s Twelve Days of Cardinal Crapmas. We hope you had the chance to read all of our lovely gift ideas; if not – see below for a quick link to each day. Merry Christmas to all.


First Day: Really Ugly Boat Shoes

Second Day: Bro Shirt

Third Day: Ryan Theriot Bobblehead

Fourth Day: Single Marble w/ Stand

Fifth Day: Dog-Ear Cap

Sixth Day: Cardinal Napkins

Seventh Day: Coasters, Feat. Game Used Dirt

Eighth Day: Homemade Tissue Box

Ninth Day: Cardinals Garden Stone

Tenth Day: 10K Gold Toe Ring

Eleventh Day: Bo Hart Jersey