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People You Need To Follow For Hot Stove Action

Day 1 of the MLB Winter Meetings got hot and heavy early. Fielder to the O’s? Rollins to the Cards? Reyes to the Marlins for 106M… right, I know. 

Oh. The Marlins really did pay 106M for Reyes? Thank goodness the SEC is getting involved with the Hot Stove then… It’s getting CRAZY!

As far as the Albert Pujols situation, it looks like the Cardinals and Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano met for a couple hours, broke, met for another hour later on. And then Mo went to call his wife from the hotel room and Lozano went to have nasty group sex with a harem of Dallas whores. At least that’s what Jayson Stark reported. 

Since ESPN can’t beat down their Tebowner for 5 minutes to give MLB a little off-season love, let’s make a little list of people that you should be following the next 3 days in Dallas to get up to the minute information about every player you care about. Plus hundreds more you don’t.

If that’s not enough, then try some of these writers/news breakers. 

Need more than that? Then hit the interwebs and find the information yourself, young one.