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Peter Bourjos Wants 40+ Stolen Bases!


It's not something that the Cardinals are known for. It's not something that we're totally sure if they know is legal. But if Peter Bourjos has his way, he'll be totaling 40+ swipes in 2014.

Forty! More than forty!

In 2013, the team leader was Jon Jay (10). In 2012, he had 19 to lead the Cardinals. 2011 was Tyler Greene's year with a whopping 11, considering he only played 58 games. 

Albert Pujols, who you would beat in a foot race, led the team in 2010 with 14. In fact, the last person to get over 40 stolen bases as a Cardinal was Delino DeShields in 1997 (55). 

Personally, I never anticipated ever writing about Delino DeShields again in my life. But here we are. PS – pretty damn good year for Delino in '97 169 hits, 11 HRs, .804 OPS and 3.9 oWAR/0.5 dWAR.

Anyway, Bourjos was at the Winter Warm-Up this past weekend and said he'd like to be in the 40's. And from all accounts, it looks like he wasn't winking when he said it. His fingers appeared to be uncrossed.

Mike Matheney has taken up the 'station to station' torch that Tony LaRussa lit and held high during his tenure as the Cardinals Skip. So it will be interesting just how loose he lets Bourjos get on the basepaths. 

Either way, sounds like something I'd be interested in watching in 2014. You?

Somewhere Lou Brock and Vince Coleman are smiling.