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Poll: Shelby Miller for Starlin Castro?

So this is interesting

Probably more than unfounded rumor but definitely less than close to anything resembling serious. Starlin Castro for Shelby Miller (plus another prospect, probably). 

If I'm being completely honest with myself, Castro was one of the best Cubs to make fun of. A franchise-type talent… but so Cubbish. The kind of guy that wins a game on his own, then oversleeps for the next one. Totally tantalizing; ultimately frustrating. 

But now that the Cardinals are involved, I'm intrigued.

On one hand, It's hard to part with Shelby Miller. Winning 15 games in the bigs is tough. Doing it as a rookie is rare. He's young with front of the rotation talent. The power stuff is there. Develop the off-speed pitches and you've got a top 10 MLB pitcher. Pitching wins championships.

On the other hand, the Cardinals have struggled (understatement) for years getting any offense out of the SS position. We've seen a few flashes of OK-ness, but every single option was kind of a stopgap for the next Edgar Renteria. Here's an opportunity to get a 23 year old top prospect that can hit. Put him in a healthy winning atmosphere. And see what he can do.

Plus he pisses off Hrabosky

Should The Cardinals Trade Shelby Miller (P) And A Prospect To The Cubs For Starlin Castro (SS)?
Depends On Prospect


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Man. Tough call. But I think that if it's Miller and another mid-level prospect for Castro, the Cards have to do the deal. But what do you think?