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Post-Dispatch Marketing Dept: Always On Top Of Things

As I was about to throw away my junk mail tonight, I noticed this Post-Dispatch Cardinal ticket deal. On one side is Colby Rasmus catching a fly ball. On the other side (shown below) is CF Skip Schumaker snagging a liner in the gap, with #26 (RF Kyle Lohse) racing over…

Wait, no…Lohse is a pitcher…

Oh, it’s Scott Spiezio. He’s back!

So not only was the Post’s Marketing Department lazy enough to include a pic from 2007, with a player that didn’t leave on the best of terms (or his head held high), they didn’t even bother looking for a shot of Skip playing 2B. He only played there for 133 games last year, so the poor marketing department really had nothing to work with.

(It’s still not my favorite Post-Dispatch Cardinal advertising blunder; this one will be hard to top)