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Postmortem: Thanksgiving

Did you have a big Thanksgiving? Somebody’s cousin brought their buddy from school to our little turkey day celebration. He was from China and had only lived in America for a couple of months (1st semester of college). I couldn’t tell if he was more amused or appalled at what was going on.

If you think that stopped me from shoveling my facehole with as much food as possible, you’d be wrong. However judged I was. Hell, my mug is probably getting laughed at by his buddies at home right now.

“Look at the stupid gluttonous American. Stuffing his face like a crazed dog. These people will be easier to overthrow than we imagined!”

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Oh well.

I also played poker and got a full house beat by a straight flush to lose a nice little payday. Looks like the Mad Librarian isn’t getting paid this month. Sorry kid, those are the breaks when you work with people that have crippling gambling additcions.

What else?

Lot of fantasy football talk. I’m not sure how your guys’ things went yesterday, but even people that aren’t playing fantasy football now understand what’s going on and how it effects how we’re watching these otherwise under-interesting football games.

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I can’t imagine that when the dorks who invented FF were sitting around, they ever envisioned a day where a 70-year old uncle could know that Chris Ivory scoring multiple times against the Cowboys meant profound failure for his nephew.

And just for the hell of it- because I love looking back at crap and laughing about it later — Alabama over Auburn 31-24.

Now, the Friday Links…

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Have a great weekend people. Hopefully you’re not trampled by shopping manaics today and will be able to overcome this long weekend by Monday.