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Predict NLDS Game 3 Score; Win Cards Headphones

Hey you. You're a Cardinals fan, right?

You're also probably a fan of looking cool, too. Am I wrong? Well everywhere you look, all the awesome beautiful people are wearing headphones. Probably so they don't have to listen to you trying to act cool.
Point is, you need a kick ass pair of cans. And our friends at BiGR Audio have you covered. Check these mothertruckers out:


They're the official headphones of MLB and have as good of specs as 'Beats by Dre'. Retailing for $149, they're on sale right now for just $49. But if you're good at predicting things, then you can get a pair for free.

Did I mention they come with a killer Cardinals collectors case? LINK HERE
All you have to do is leave a comment (before first pitch 10/10) that predicts the score of NLDS Game 3 between the Cardinals and Nationals. Same score predictions that are correct will go in a drawing. If no one guesses exactly, then we'll go closest to the score.
You game?
Oh, and while you're screwing off on the internet, please follow BiGR Audio on Twitter: LINK HERE
UPDATE: Congrats to @JPVogt for winning the headphones.