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Predict the Super Bowl Score; Win Prize

Do yourself a favor and read HMW’s post below this one ASAP. You can even skip this crap if you want and go straight there… because it’s topical (Super Bowl), sexist and the most amusing thing we’ve put up on this site since the Tiger Condom.

Because Tiger doesn’t use condoms… come on! He’s Tiger Woods. He pops Plan B’s in his ho’s mouth like tic tacs.


I don’t do drugs, but that above InsideSTL post won’t do anything to discredit the people that claim I do. But really, it was a pretty shitty week for Cardinal content, so I’m not apologizing for nothing.

I even put a Super Bowl prediction in: 34 Mannings to 24 Kardashians.

Fuck it- let’s play a game. Guess the score in the Super Bowl this Sunday in the comments. The closet to the right one will win a prize: a sport duffel bag and a t-shirt? Done. Post in the comments now.

On with the Friday Links…

  • How to report the news from the BBC. Very, very true. LINK HERE
  • This is a site for Tom Selleck. Eating sandwiches. Under waterfalls. LINK HERE
  • I personally think this GIF is BS, but judge for yourself. LINK HERE (HT: JH)
  • Looking to save money? Here’s how to haggle. LINK HERE
  • Wrong time to look at titties at work bro. LINK HERE
  • A preview of the Super Bowl ads in this Sunday’s game. LINK HERE (HT: AH)
  • The iPad is not hard to explain to people. Send them this. LINK HERE
  • BEST prank I’ve seen in a while. If you click on one of these… LINK HERE (HT: BH)

Now read the post below and be sure to enter in your score guess to win…