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Price List Set For Cardinals Winter Warm-Up

The Cardinals Winter Warm-Up is fast approaching and today, the Cardinals unveiled their annual “price list” for player/manager autographs.

Yes. All the money collected goes to Charity… so HUZZAH for the Cardinals for being charitable.

Now that’s out of the way, It’s time to take a look at the list and see just how valuable each member is to the Cardinals. It’s the one time of year where the Cards can lay the wood to a player or coach and let them know just how much they care.

TLR? Seems like you haven’t been able to leave the spotlight. 40 DOLLARS.

Red? You don’t really have to come to these things anymore, but you’re still here! 75 DOLLARS!

Let’s take a look at the unofficial Cardinals popularity contest and see if there are any surprises. We graphed the list with comments from the CD on the right.

Hopefully Ozzie isn’t there panhandling…