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Prostate Shaped Logos and The Friday Links

So something that’s been bothering me for a while now, but I keep forgetting to mention: the Industrial Soap Company’s logo.

I’ll see one of these lil’ guys on my way to work every now and then and I wonder how a huge multi-million dollar company ever got this through the concept phase into actual implementation. It looks like what they do over at Flomax…

Then again, if they want me to wash myself, I do feel kind of dirty for staring at it for so long.

READ “Killing Horses Will Not Save Season” at INSIDESTL HERE

The NCAA tournament field will be settled this Sunday and Joe Lunardi will crawl back into his stump until next January.  We’ll have some sort of something about the tournament up next week. Hopefully coach Mac can chime in with something. (Mac has blessed us with a NCAA Tournament preview for years now, even going back to when FWC and I did Beyond Reproach, a reprehensible piece of internet.

The CD also has a growing inventory of prizes, so we might just blow out the prize closet with some sort of NCAA game.

Now some links…

  • Do NOT try to sell your BMW in the south with an Obama sticker on it. LINK HERE (HT: FWC)
  • For times when you just need a big ass message. LINK HERE
  • Jimmy Kimmel gets the boot from the Handsome Man Club. Good stuff. LINK HERE
  • The coolest guy in the world? I can’t argue with him, actually. LINK HERE (HT: RH)
  • Can you watch this the whole way through without stopping it? I dare you. LINK HERE (HT: KA)
  • This guy is setting the internet on fire. Best song ever? Maybe. LINK HERE (HT: FWC)
  • 20 risky pitchers for 2010. Do you agree? LINK HERE
  • Cleaning out my links folder and found this. Worth a re-post. Forgot about these whack-o’s. LINK HERE

Also, be sure to scroll down and check out HWM’s excellent fantasy baseball post from yesterday. Also, after all the horse killing talk this week and unfavorable comparisons to Detroit, I feel like we should just all dump on C-Town and feel better for the weekend.