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Quick Hits and The Friday Links

Some quick hits for your Friday… 

1) Man, the Cubs suck

Why people root for this team is beyond me. 38 and 53. And their best prospect Starlin Castro doesn’t even seem to enjoy baseball all that much. I get going to the games, like Trumbsy did earlier this week – they’re a damn good time – but beyond that, why would you watch this garbage on TV or buy a jersey or otherwise emotionally or financially invest in these losers? 

Seriously, why?

2) Lance Berkman, uh oh.

0-9 since his comeback from knee surgery. 9-9 in ABs that looked like we threw out the best beer league softball player in your town and let him try to hit MLB pitching. 

I get not wanting to go to the minors for rehab, but at this point, it’s looking like the Cardinals botched by not trying to force his hand more. 

3) Got to win.

The sCrUBS have nothing to lose this weekend. The Cardinals have everything to lose. 

Anything less than 2-1 against the Cubs at home is going to be the first toll on the death knell if you can’t extinguish a rival at home when you NEED wins. We’re headed to August people. At a certain point good teams have to, you know, be good teams. 

Now, The Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Do everything you ever wanted to do. And then do it again.