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Quit Paying Attention To Cardinals Plus a Special Comment

What’s the point of watching this anymore?

When Adam Wainwright goes out and gets battered for 5 runs. Against a horrible Cubs team. At home. In September. It’s time to move on. And I don’t mean emotionally for the ones out there that are still clinging to some mathematical formula that says it’s not impossible this team plays in the postseason.

I mean move on.

Don’t watch. Don’t go. Don’t give this franchise one penny of the money you worked hard to put in your pocket. Because I hate to ruin Christmas and tell you Santa’s not real… but these guys don’t give a single shit about you, the team, the city or the 2010 season.

Randy Wells is the perfect example. 3 starts ago against the Cardinals when they were still ‘battling’ he didn’t record a single out before getting jerked from a game the Birds absolutely dominated. Last night he went 8 strong innings against a feckless offense that can’t wait for these next 3 weeks to end.

Did you know that the Cardinals have to go 6-13 in their next 19 games to finish below .500 for the season? Did you know that the Cardinals record in the past 19 games is 6-13?

Below .500. What were the odds you would have taken on that in April? I mean we were talking about 90 wins as a minimum and some even predicted closer to 100. One of the best Cardinal teams in decades! Pujols and Holliday for a whole year!


Have we ever been SOOO wrong about a team?


Last night I heard an extraordinary piece of radio and wanted to share it with you today.

A bit of background, but not much since the piece lays out the whole story. But recently the Village Voice in NYC has been running a series on police corruption and it’s centered around one officer that decided to secretly tape his life on the beat for a year and a half.

What you will hear in this story is immensely disturbing- and not just the pulling back of the curtain on ‘getting you numbers’ but just how widespread this police attitude of do whatever it takes to make money and keep jobs really goes. Then, when the officer starts to unravel from what he sees- the extent to which high ranking officers go to cover this up will almost make you vomit.

If you ever watched The Wire, which I consider to be the best show ever made, you’ll appreciate this piece even more. And it will probably make you ask yourself some very difficult questions about your belief system.

It’s around 40 minutes in length and starts at the 17:43 minute mark below. If you have an hour, the first story is enjoyable… but take a listen if you can.