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Raising The Bar On Horrible Losses


There are no words, really. While the Braves were contributing to the cause, the Cardinals were fumfering around in Houston, pissing away a game in extra innings. If you thought that loss to the Mets last week was bad… well, the Cards will see that loss and raise you a beating from the hands of a 104 loss powerhouse.

I’ve seen less teasing on Red Tube.

It’s hard to reconcile everything that we’re seeing in September. The Cardinals are equal parts dramatic, pathetic, enthralling and hapless. They’re the kids that have been given every single opportunity, but can’t seem to make it easy on themselves. It’s a constant game of finally waiting for a breakthrough that may or may not come in the next two days. 

Make no mistake, the only winners in that game are cardiologists and therapists. 

The optimists among us will point to the excitement we’ve received received unexpectedly in September. The pessimists? They’ll just put this loss tonight on repeat and let it speak for itself. 

The end is near. 

The outcome is not.