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Random Crap In a Post

The Birds nested yesterday and don’t fly again until tonight, so I’ll honor you with some random thoughts that have no coherent theme:

+ The Rams are a hot mess. But at least they’re interesting again! Say what you want about Mike Martz and his success level with the Rams- but you can’t tell me that it wasn’t an interesting organization to talk about. The worst thing in sports is to be boring, not bad.

Bad you can talk about, argue on, have fun with. Boring you just ignore. And the past 3 years the Rams have been worse than anyone… but they also have been fucking boring. When’s the last time you spent a fall Monday at the office talking about what these losers did the day before? 2006? 2004?

Is it ideal to have such tumult with an ownership group a week and a day before the NFL Draft when you have the overall #1 pick? Probably not. But this whole Stan Kronke ownership pseudo-coup is riveting drama for a franchise that has been morbid bound by boredom for years.

+ Kentucky Basketball is primed for a big, BIG day. Around 3p CST, they’re expected to ink Rivals #1 overall senior Brandon Knight AND Rivals 2011 #1 overall junior Michael Gilchrist within 20 minutes or so.

You didn’t know John Wall or Demarcus Cousins last April either and I told you to watch out. So here’s your official notice: You’re going to be watching Brandon Knight A LOT come November. Act like a big shot now and start dropping his name.

Also, Wall Ball and Cousins are both on Twitter now. To put it nicely, I don’t know if they’re doing my Kentucky public education any favors.

+ When two 29 year old men set down and watch American Idol on a couch together, the next natural step is, obviously, to go ahead and watch Glee’s season premiere after.

So we did.

I expected to hate the show. I expected the other man on the couch to hate it more. But to both our surprises, it was good.

DAMMIT- it was good. In fact, The Syndrome said “I want to watch more of this NOW!” and I sheepishly agreed.

For some of you, this sounds like the worst show ever. And I can’t deny you the fact that it’s incredibly campy and musically awkward and it’s the feyest thing you’ve ever seen.

But it’s also pretty funny. Kind of cool and maybe worth a season pass?

Ugh. I hate myself right now. But maybe you have an explination for my punny opening to this whole damn mess.