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Reaction: World Series Game 4

Wait, what? 

You mean Game 4 actually started? I wish someone would have told the Cardinals. Probably could have saved all of us 3 or so hours. 

Most of the country is probably scratching their heads about how a team can come out and tag a team for two touchdowns one night and then hit the ball out of the infield, literally, less that 5 times. But those of us that have watched what’s closing in on nearly 200 games in 2011, we can tell you that this is probably the most representative game of what the Cardinals are in 2011: winning or feckless.

Edwin Jackson gave the team pretty much what they needed. 5 1/3 with a few too many walks, but in the ball game. He left 2 runners on base when Mitchell Boggs came in and surrendered the death blow in one lone pitch. The Rangers went up 4 and, as it turns out, didn’t need any of those runs because the Cardinals had apparently forgot it takes 4 wins, not 2 to clinch a championship.

Derek Holland went 8 1/3 innings and pitched a dominant game. So we’d be remiss if we didn’t tip our cap to the Texas starter. But other than that, what the hell do you say?

The Cardinals didn’t look to play inspired baseball. Didn’t do much to try and generate opportunities. Quite frankly, didn’t look much like they gave a shit about what was going on in general. 

So here we are 2-2 and down to a best of 3 series for the championship of baseball. Busch Stadium will see at least one more game this season. 

The advantage of winning game 3 is that a bed wetting in game 4 isn’t as dire as it would have been had the Cardinals lost Saturday. 
I’d say the best thing to do is forget about this whole game as quickly as possible.

In fact, I already have.

STUD: Derek Holland. Huge effort in a must win game for Texas. A night after he watched his teammates get tagged for 16 runs. Big time.

DUD: Jon Jay. Took the collar. AGAIN. Dude is down to .157 for the postseson and can’t seem to hit the ball out of the infield. It’s time to look for a change.

BOTTOM LINE: The Cardinals and Rangers are looking for a Game 5 win to shift all the momentum in this series. Chances are the winner of Monday’s game will be the Champion of baseball.