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Reading Too Much Into Quotes

You ever read something and it just doesn’t sit right?

Not that there’s anything wrong with what’s being said, per se. But maybe a little pang in your head or stomach that makes you wonder?

“Hopefully, this is a spark. We’ve been looking for that thing that can get us clicking.” – Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny

So yes. I think we’re all with Mike here.

Getting a much needed win to pull the club back to .500 and avoid a sweep was a good thing. And, yes, I think we all hope that the win “sparks” the Cardinals into a streak of good fortune.

I’m struggling for what the “spark” in last night’s game is, though.

Truth be told, the Cardinals were pretty lucky to escape that 9th inning. They loaded the bases with no outs. The Pirates needed 1 run to tie and 2 to win. Be it lucky or good, Trevor Rosenthal escaped extreme danger to get a save.

Still… They overcame an obstacle of their own doing.

I’d consider a “spark” to be an unexpected comeback rally. Or a real dominant game where all units are working together. Or a standout performance for a player that has been in a funk. Escaping a game that was in hand and was almost blown? I don’t know how that’s going to light a fire.

Yes. You’re right. This is probably a throw away line. It’s not like it was controversial in the least. It was a boilerplate answer to (probably) a question like “Mike, talk about that win out there tonight…”

Maybe, just maybe, though, it’s a little insight that this team is gripping a bit harder than we realize?

Or am I just reading too much into it?

Photo: Fox Sports