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Rick Ankiel: The Videos

Rick Ankiel retired today

I'm not one prone to using the word 'favorite'. Tastes change. Times change. But I do wear #66 while I play softball, my tribute to the most interesting baseball player we've ever seen.

And yes, I say we. 

Let's take a look back on the best YouTube clips we could find on Rick The Dick. For more words, check out Will Leitch's post on him from earlier today. 

1: If you only have time for one video (and love Metallica) then this gives you the whole story in about 4 minutes. 

2: This was a pretty amazing moment. First game as an OF. Hits a HR. The look on LaRussa's face is one of the best he ever made. Pure joy for the dude.

3: We didn't know it at the time, but this was the turning point. He'd never recover as a pitcher from this game.

4: The 2:10 mark of this video is the legendary game against the Rockies where he had two of the best OF assists of all time. The whole video is crazy, but to do that twice in one game? Insane. The Ray Charles background track somehow makes this video so much better. 


Also, now that this is all official, I'd go ahead and make sure you keep a close eye on what your GF or wife is doing this weekend. Might want to even be proactive with your plans.