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Road Hard

And here we go again. 

The Cardinals hit the road in Denver Colorado and promptly lifted their leg and marked another away game with a big wet L, losing to the very, very bad Rockies 4-2.

That drops the Birds record to 2-6 in the last 8 road games. In the midst of an NL Central dogfight. Against the Rockies, who again, are TURRUBLE.

Worse? An actual honest to goodness nice start by Lance Lynn was wasted. 

Ok, ok… the Pirates lost too.

So the Cardinals don't fall out of 1st place, like they are wont to on the road.

But as we close in on the final 1/16th of the season, every game is magnified. Every trend is beaten to death. And road losses are usually a precursor to failure.

Since the turn of the millennium, it hasn't been the best team that has won the World Series, it's the team peaking at the right time.

2-6 in 8 on the road isn't peaking. 

Oh, and did we mention that we've got a Wild Card play-in game in 2013? Anyone want to see the Cards in an insta game 7 to start off their October?

Yeah, me neither. 

Nothing less than 3 of 4 wins in Colorado should be acceptable by anyone. And it's still doable, but much less likely. Raise your hand if you knew that 12 runs on Sunday was overdoing it.