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Rough Day In Boston

First it was Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

The man in charge of one of the largest and most historic cities in America was proud of his team. So proud that he wished the BoSox nothing but good luck winning the "World Series Cup" (capitalization of' 'Cup' assumed).

Cauldron? Maybe. I'd even give you knife block. But cup? Not so much

Then this:

Yes, that's Ben Affleck. Defending Best Picture winner. Future Batman. And current Cardinal fan?

Taste a bit of success and it goes to your head, I suppose. 

Sure, he's filming a movie that's set in Missouri and he's going to claim that it was as much a costume as Daredevil wore… but still – doesn't the dude just look HAPPY?

Like totally comfortable in that shirt happy. Like if he hadn't already made Good Will Hunting… he'd be running Cardinal Nation. Showing us the 'right way' to dominate Hollywood.

No worries, Ben. We're sure you're doing your rounds today in Boston to make sure everyone knows this is soooooo silly. 

We've still got Goodman.

(h/t @SweetJillLaux for the pic)