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Royals Fan Ruining New STL Business

What. The. Heck. 

So STL wecolmed The Flying Saucer, a new bar, to town last week. They've got 200 beers on tap, doors close to Busch Stadium and a cool little deal where you get a plate (sacuer) posted on the wall once you try all 200 beers.

You can only get 3 punches on your card at a time, so the soonest you can get a plate is 67 days.

Oh, and on the plate? You can write whatever you want.

That's where Joe Hoffmann comes in. He's a Royals fan living in STL. And his plans is (was) to make the first plate a memorial to Don Denkinger (see 1:27 of this video for a refresher if you forgot who Don was).


Fortunatly, we have a protagonist in this saga… Richard Haegele. This proud American and Cardinal fan has decided to match Joe, drink for drink and have the first plate be a tribute to Stan Musial. 

You can contribute to his cause: LINK HERE

Thanks to Ashley Petterson for pointing out Jessica Lussenhop's story on this. We'll keep you updated if any major news breaks in the next two months.