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Rumor Mill: Giancarlo Stanton To Cardinals

Hey. Now.

The Cardinals offense has been slumping all of 2014. Big acquisitions Jhonny Peralta and Peter Bourjos are way closer to dipping below the Mendoza line than reaching .300. Allen Craig is lost. And solid starts are routinely getting tossed because of it.

The Birds need a bat.

Is Ginacarlo Stanton the answer?

A site called STL Cardinal Baseball reported yesterday that the Cardinals were interested in trading for the Marlins power slugger. Author Ray DeRousse claims that he has a “C-Level source” inside the Cardinals front office and that he doesn’t feel the source is beyond reproach.

So while it’s an enticing rumor, it’s still probably something the source is regretting leaking so early in the conversation about the trade. Even more sad, all the conversation about the trade probably have killed the trade.

(FYI, it was something like Allen Craig and Shelby Miller).

But still. Gio Stanton as a Cardinal? Ballpark Village might have ended up coming down before it turns 1…

Photo: Low N’ Away