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Russell Becomes Best Survivor Ever

Survivor has been pretty freaking awesome this season.

I’m not really sure why I’ve stuck by this show for so long, but in this latest installment, the loyalty has paid off in spades. Because every single episode turns out to be more jaw-dropping than the last one.

Plus, Russell, who may or may not be the devil incarnate, is just eating these people’s lunch. Daily.


And even if you’re not the type of guy that likes to stare at chicks in bikini’s for an hour a week, you really can learn a lot from the social interaction of people and how, in general, you have no spine whatsoever.

Take your office. I bet it’s a nice office. I bet there are people there that you like or even see on the occasional weekend.  

But there is probably also a person that you work with that everybody hates. They do terrible work. They do things like buy a whole turkey at lunch and stuff it in the break room freezer until they get home, smashing everything already in its way.  You gossip and write demeaning e-mails about her. And you just want to know what in the hell it’s going to take for this person to get a clue and quit. Or get fired.

Well multiply that by 1000 and now you’ve got a ballpark of Russell. But just like your office- nobody’s got the cajones to say something to that annoying prick.

Because… well, because that’s how people are.

It makes no sense. Whatsoever. And as LD pointed out last night, it’s not like everybody wouldn’t have been on board with just forgetting alliances for one vote and everybody getting Russell off that island.

But no. No balls.


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