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Salvaging Some Dignity In Baltimore

Somebody call The Jambulance! Because bizarrely bad weekend took a turn for the bizarrely good Sunday and it’s time to party…

A pinch hit home run? By Peter Bourjos?

Another multiple hit game? By Daniel Descalso?

The more we see, the less we know with the 2014 Cardinals team. I think we’ll all take a 8-3 win after getting worked over Friday and Saturday for 22 runs.

But intimating any conclusions of what it all means isn’t worth the effort because by the time you read this, the Birds will have touched down in Miami and they’ll try to get the engine to turn over on the season. Again.

2014: The ‘Momento’ of seasons.

If you need further proof, consider Lance Lynn. Who is now apparently the stopper and the Cardinals most reliable starter.

Baseball, man.

The Brewers lost, meaning the Cards crept back to within 2 of the NL Central lead.

Somehow, someway, the Cardinals are still in the running for a playoff spot. And since we’re going to try and be positive after a win, the longer they can hang on in August, the more likely we can have a Molina/Wacha reunion tour in September.

Photo: Reddit