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San Diego Day Games: The Stars!

San Diego is a great city.

Tons of good people and one snake. But they do miss out on one thing… big time sporting events for former athletes to attend get some camera time.

So when the Cardinals roll into town for a 3:30 local start time matinee, the BIG stars come out.

James Lofton (LINK HERE) wore his Green Bay Packers hat and snuggled up to a, ahem, husky young lady while Danny Mac informed us that the former NY Giant wideout is a huge Cardinal fan.

Dave Winfield (LINK HERE) was more muted with a cream colored suit. Ricky Horton is still scared of the guy.

Steve Finley (LINK HERE) still has his flowing locks of blonde blowing in the Pacific breeze and is responsible for Andy Benes not being a verb on par with tight buttonhole in the St. Louis area. Benes continues to host the long running FSN skein, ‘Cardinals Kids Club’ with Frebird.

And I think we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention The Moonman, right? (Note: video has nothing to do with Mike Shannon, but that’s the kind of insane stuff that comes up when you YouTube search for Mike Shannon. I thought it was apt.)

Fresh said it was like Cannes.