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Sanka, Pond Scum & The Friday Links

Do yourself a favor and take the CD Opinion Poll below and tell us who you think rocks the STL Cards cap harder- Axl Rose, frontman for Guns N’ Roses or Lil’ Wayne, Cash Money Millionaire.

And when you’re done with that, you can meander over to InsideSTL.com and read all about how the Cardinals not closing on series has reached ‘The Situation’ type levels very early in 2010.


Then, after all that, if you still have any webenergy left, I’d suggest pursuing the Friday Links below and really making some fine brain rot.

Less we forget, though:

Now the Friday Links…

  • The best Tweet ever Tweeted in the history of Twitter. Bar none. LINK HERE (HT: FWC)
  • Very interesting video on the trumpet. Seriously. Take my word for it. LINK HERE (HT: JH)
  • Looks like rape might have had it’s glory days pass it by. Wow. LINK HERE (HT:JH)
  • Hell, it’s all out there now, I was saving it… but no use now. LINK HERE (HT:FWC)
  • Subway puts the cheese on their subs all wrong, man. LINK HERE (HT:JH)
  • Is this guy the baddest badass you’ve ever seen? I think he might be. LINK HERE
  • It’s no fun being a Cubs fan these days. Not that it ever was… but still. LINK HERE

Go forth, now, and enjoy this fine 2 day rest period before we crank it all up again Monday.