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Scattered Thoughts And The Friday Links

Some random thoughts on things… 

I’ve enjoyed watching the Blues all season long. They weren’t expected to be more than a nuisance to the Blackhawks or Detroit in the Central Division. They ended up winning it and gaining the second seed in the Western Conference. They whipped the Sharks in the first round. And just when we were ready to jettison the last 6 or 7 years of terrible hockey, the Blues remembered that they were, well, the Blues. No team in St. Louis has pulled the football Charlie Brown style on it’s fans like the Blues. Now down 3-0 to the LA Kings, the season is over. They’ll probably win the next 2 just for one last gut punch.

Fresh WC has teamed up with friend of the site Dick to create a new site called Eunvite. I had no idea this was in the works, but I love it. Nice work boys. LINK HERE

The Cardinals keep winning series. And as a professional baseball team, if you win every series, you’re going to be in the playoffs easily. But someone also has to tell the Cardinals that they’re still allowed to sweep a series, too. That still counts as winning a series. 

Pujols is seriously flirting with .200 and we’re 5 weeks into the season? The home runs are one thing. But this guy should never, EVER be hitting below .200. I get that he’s gripping and trying to prove he was worth that huge contract. But shit, that’s terrible. He’ll never admit it, but you have to think he played the ‘what if’ game a couple times before he’s fallen asleep at night.

Condolences to the Musial family on the loss of Stan’s wife Lil. 

Now, the Friday Links…

  • Act like you’ve been there before Amos. LINK HERE
  • Early front runner for sports pic of the year? LINK HERE
  • Remember the stuff we used to have to deal with? LINK HERE
  • That’s not fair. LINK HERE
  • This is the most interesting search engine. Maybe ever. LINK HERE
  • Your Kickstarter sucks. The website. LINK HERE

That’s it. That’s the week. We’ll save you the happy Cinco de Mayo stuff and remind you instead that Parton isn’t your friend and you’ll know why on Sunday. Have a big weekend and try not to bet too much on the Derby.