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Scenes From A Humiliating Loss


17 -5? The Cardinals didn’t just go under the the .500 mark (again) in 2014, they got mollywhopped by a terrible Cubs team.

How bad was it? Let’s let Rick Hummel tell you:

“It was the most runs the Cardinals had allowed this season and the most they had allowed to the Cubs since the Cubs hit them up for 19 on Sept. 21, 1974.”

That ‘spark’ Mike Matheny thought salvaging a near blown save produced? Snuffed out.

Let’s go to the Twitter. Just because.

For Tyler’s sake, hopefully he got Stedman Bailey’s number after the test to try and take his mind off things. They won’t test him again for a couple of months, right? Do they test in AAA ball? It’s hard not to feel bad for the tester, though. Had to be an awkward conversation. “Um, Mr. Lyons…”

(Yes, they test in AAA ball, BTW. We know.)

So even the Cubs, who by the way have a .351 winning percentage, are cutting up in the clubhouse when they face the Cardinals. It’s all fun and games when teams play the Birds.

Even ESPN was screwing with us now. Ashley’s a nice woman. She doesn’t deserve this!

Leave it to Kenny Wallace for some perspective.

19-20, people. Ninteen and TWENTY! Remember when we were talking about 100+ wins and already trying to figure out pitching match-ups in the NLDS?

Seems like forever ago.

Photo: Dr. Prem