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Scenes From Wrigley Weekend: Cards Fan Proposes

Duece’s and The Diamond Club.

It’s on Clark St., right down the road from Wrigley Field. It’s a nice place, but also has maybe one of the most inviting patio water fountains to jump in that I’ve ever seen. Yesterday alone saw three jumpers in approximately 3 hours post Cards/Cubs.

Here’s a video of the first guy getting out of the fountain. My nativity led me to believe that this would be my only opportunity to catch a swimmer. My apathy led me to not capture the next two. At least this guy took his pants and shirt off.

See that little bridge? That’s how people get across the fountain and back inside. During the post-game revelry, we saw numerous photo-ops, a twerk show and the aforementioned jumpers.

But as dusk settled, a Cardinals Bro decided he was going to make this a night to remember for a special young lady. He turned his flat brimmed Birds cap around. Ordered a bottle of champagne. And grabbed the house mic.

It was time to propose.

Join me in wishing the happy couple well on their future together. I’m just happy to have been there to witness love over the bridge Deuce’s. Sorry for the dim lighting, it was dusk – aka the perfect time to propose.

No, they didn’t jump in the fountain. But the people screaming wanted them to.

Photo: Proposal-Ideas.com