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Score One For the Pragmatists In Cardinal Nation

The Brewers are struggling.

3-7 in their past 10 and losers of 3 games in a row (including 6 of 7), this is the first true strife that Milwaukee has faced in 2014.

Throughout April and then May and then June we thought this was coming… after all, the Brewers were inferior to the Cardinals (and some would say the Pirates and Reds), at least on paper.

It never happened.

The Brewers chugged into July with a healthy lead in the NL Central and a confidence that was more becoming of a team that expected to win as opposed to a team that was surprised it won.

With a couple of dips into 3rd place in the division and a decimation of a once formidable rotation? The Nation was restless. Can’t blame them; I was too.

But a funny thing happened on the express drop to the bottom of everything and anything…

The Cardinals have walked-off the Pirates in back-to-back nights, gotten back to 7 games over .500 and maybe – if everything breaks right – could be in possession of 1st place in the division by the All-Star break.

Only 3 games back (with 3 games in Milwaukee this weekend), the Cardinals aren’t in as dire of a position as we thought (a whopping 2 days ago). They’re getting Joe Kelly back to bolster the rotation. Suddenly they’re creating positive late inning drama.

Looks like the Cards might just be able to compete after all.

Score one for the pragmatists, I suppose. Prepare yourself for the avalanche of ‘the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint’ columns and Tweets from your favorite baseball writers and reporters if the Cards are able to somehow climb this mini-mountain and take the division lead.

Or not.

It’s a long season after all and we’re only a little over 1/2 way home.

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